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project_planWe can assist with a broad range of project sizes and types, from minor one-off to major infrastructure programs.

Where professional or para-professional assistance is required, we can augment your existing resources.

Our experience covers a wide range of skill sets and will accommodate all your architectural, design and engineering project management needs.


The EnvironArc ApproachPMILogo

deadlineEnvironArc considers it essential to work in collaboration with each client and all relevant stakeholders. Regular communication and reporting is necessary to ensure clients are kept fully informed of project processes and outcomes.

It is important to be proactive with advice when appropriate and ensure that all relevant standards are met.We are mindful of value for money outcomes, budget constraints and stakeholder time frames.
EnvironArc adopts the ‘world’s best practice’ Project Management guidelines risk for all our projects, including the following:

ISO 10006

Gives guidance on the application of quality management in projects. It is applicable to projects of varying complexity, small or large, of short or long duration, in different environments, and irrespective of the kind of product or process involved.

ISO 9004

Gives guidance on quality in a project’s product-related processes, and on the “process approach”.

AS 4915

Sets out an agreement to be used where a particular project requires a project manager to undertake the carrying out of the work through to completion of the services, and includes variations to the services. This Australian Standard also includes an annexure of a project management task list, procurement, construction, completion and handover, together with the project management fee structure. EnvironArc also uses contract documents from Standards Australia, to suit each individual project or contractual obligation.

Minimising risk by utilising International and Australian Standards is considered essential by EnvironArc Design for successful project outcomes.