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Our Virtual Office


The EnvironArc team includes qualified and highly experienced:

  • Registered Architects
  • Building Designers
  • Project Managers
  • Heritage Consultants
  • Interior Designers
  • Landscape Architects
  • Town Planners
  • Cost Consultants
  • Construction Managers

The EnvironArc Business Model.

Since the inception of EnvironArc in 2000, our staff are based in many locations throughout Australia, working through a home based office network, and supported by a conventional organisational structure.

Although we have no one main head office in the conventional sense of the word, we have a central Management and Administrative hub, which maintains a unified organisation.

Online, but still personal.

Due to the advantages of modern technology, with email, on line document sharing, regular video conferencing and tele-meetings, we are accessible, in touch and up to date.

The virtual office however does not mean that we have lost the personal touch – in fact it’s quite to the contrary! We have the ability to meet clients on-site in almost any location within Australia.

In house, in person.

Team and Executive Management Meetings are held regularly to address business issues, client needs and professional development. The camaraderie and morale amongst our staff is impressive with the atmosphere at meetings being one of fun and enjoyment.
When needed, we engage the office facilities, meeting rooms and board rooms.

The virtues of the “Virtual Office”.

The environmental benefits speak for themselves:

  • All the carbon emissions associated with having a large office suitable for the operations of our extensive team are eliminated.
  • Carpooling to meetings where possible is encouraged and actively supported by the team.
  • Additionally, there are none of the associated costs that come with having one centrally maintained full time office, allowing savings to be passed onto our clients in the form of competitive fees.

An indicative energy assessment has estimated that of the typical activities to maintain a 40 member office, including staff transport, is 150 tonnes CO2 greenhouse gas (GHG) per annum and $60,000 in associated costs. These figures incorporate the saving of 50,000 kwh of energy, 88 kilolitres of water and 46,080 litres of fuel per annum.

The financial benefits of our virtual office are passed onto our clients in our reduced fees.

Consider this: buildings consume 20% of the world’s resources, 12% of its water and 40 % of its energy, and 40 -50% of the weight of a building goes to landfill as solid waste. By using the Virtual Office Network, there is an additional environmental saving of the waste and resources which would otherwise be required to construct a conventional office.