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Our Legal Status

EnvironArc Design Pty Ltd is a registered Company (ACN 129 365 180). The Company is a private proprietary Company which is limited by shares.

Our ABN Number for taxation purposes is 70 129 365 180.

Quality Assurance

EnvironArc has gained ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of Conformity.

Risk Management

EnvironArc has a Risk Management Policy Statement and systems in place to comply with AS/NZS/ISO 31000-2009. Australia Insurance House is the Insurance Broker for the Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance policies. Certificates of currency confirming our current cover can be provided upon request.

Occupational Health & Safety

EnvironArc has an Occupational Health and Safety Policy and a Welfare Management System to the OHSAS 18001 standard which is been certified by MH Safety

EnvironArc staff have been trained in, and have subsequently received the nationally accredited “White Card” appropriate to the industry WHS Induction.

Work Cover Corporation

EnvironArc is insured by Return to Work SA – Employer number: 23375406

Environmental Policy

EnvironArc has gained ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental) Certificate of Conformity.

Fair Employment Policy

EnvironArc has established an Equal Opportunity Policy and an Anti-Discrimination Policy. Both are available on request.

Key Performance Indicator Measuring Systems

EnvironArc has demonstrable structured internal KPI assessment processes in place, to ensure appropriate resources are used and client needs are properly satisfied on a project-by-project basis. This is measured with formal recording mechanisms of project requirements.

Industry Initiative

EnvironArc has adopted the Industry Codes of Practice, and complies with the contract administration, ethics, tendering processes, security of payments, intra-industry relationships, skills development, training and best practice activities included therein.


EnvironArc adopts the latest Australian and International Standards, Government Guidelines, and codes.

IT Systems

EnvironArc utilises a range of software packages in order to work as closely as possible with our clients. We have up-to-date versions of the most common programs as wells as specialised software where required. We also use the latest suite of Global AIMS property management and building audit software.

EnvironArc is a registered subscriber to NATSPEC (Subscriber ID 01122726) Construction Information for up-to-date, industry best practice building specifications. Depending upon the project, EnvironArc Design also uses specifications from the MBA or the HIA.

Alternative Working Arrangements

EnvironArc is often required to work “in-house” with a client’s specialist project team on a temporary basis.
We are willing to serve our clients in this manner wherever appropriate and possible by mutual agreement.

Police Checks & Security

The staff, management and sub-consultants of EnvironArc are readily available for police checks at EnvironArc’s cost as required.

Greenhouse Gas and Energy Efficiency

EnvironArc has in-house expertise to assess compliance with the National Construction Codes of Australia and carry out Australian Standard based Energy Audits. We have GBCA Accredited Professionals, accredited NABERS rating assessors and ABSA assessors.

Ecological Sustainability in Design

EnvironArc has considerable design experience with sustainable building methods including wind power generation, energy and water efficiency designs, straw bale buildings, buildings using total solar energy, minimal water usage and water harvesting and minimal wastage and recycling initiatives.

Power, Water and Waste Minimisation

EnvironArc promotes best practice in environmentally sustainable design of buildings, to reduce energy use, water use, energy costs, wastage and greenhouse gas emissions.

We utilise the Australian Building Greenhouse rating system, the Green Building Council of Australia – Green Star rating system, the Building Code of Australia energy rating systems, ISO 14001 and the Australian Standard AS 3598.

SA Government Projects DTEI Pre-qualification

EnvironArc is pre-qualified as a Primary and Discipline Building Design Consultant with the Department of Transport Energy and Infrastructure for Building Design, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture. Our certificate number is 2007P0313.

Disability Discrimination Act Services

EnvironArc provides DDA/BCA property audits, DDA Action and Inclusion Plan development and review.

EnvironArc is a member of ACA Australia (Association of Consultants in Access Australia), Physical Disability Australia andGAATES, which is the Global Alliance on Accessible
Technologies and Environments.


Our accountant and tax agent is Glyn Morris & Co Pty Ltd.