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Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Our aim is to improve levels of minimum energy efficiency design standards for the construction of residential and commercial buildings, including alterations and additions. We ensure credible and meaningful information is readily available to our clients on the relative energy performance of buildings.

EnvironArc has invested in improved data collection and reporting strategies and systems efficiencies (in line with relevant standards) to deliver energy audits, reports & advice for Level 1, 2 or 3 Energy efficiency (AS 3598-2000), NGER, NABERS and GBCA.

Commercial & Industrial Sector Capacity Building

EnvironArc’s commercial & industrial clients are assisted by benefits in energy efficient technology. Our company ethos and structure is directed at supporting industry deliver energy efficient solutions, promote innovation and reduce energy efficiency investment risks.

The research and development undertaken by our company, to produce a more efficient data collection and reporting system to the relevant standards, has come about through increased opportunities and requests for our services through the Local Government Association, Councils, the State Ambulance Services and State Government energy efficiency projects.

Commercial and Industrial

Factories (Award)
Commercial office interior design and re-fit (Award)
Show rooms
Winery stores and cellar door show room
Manufacturing and Bulk storage facilities


Resorts (Award)