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Building Design Consultants

EnvironArc believes that environmentally sustainable development (ESD) should not just be measured in terms of energy use and emissions, nor should ESD features be viewed only as “add-on” equipment items.

The team practice and believe that good ESD design begins with proper attention to the environmental criteria; topography, orientation, ambient conditions, sun control, insulation and ventilation are all vital to good design, and as well, good building management procedures should be in place before the building becomes operational.

An energy efficient design for the new airport terminal at Coober Pedy, airport, environarc, energy, sustainable

An energy efficient design for the new airport terminal at Coober Pedy.

EnvironArc, with expertise in environmentally sustainable architecture, interior design, engineering, landscape design and energy efficiencies, is in the unique position of being able to assist clients improve environmental performance, and so reduce their “carbon footprint”.

We are able to advise and assist clients in the design and construction of residential, commercial or government buildings, and can also offer professional support in:

  • Unique environmental design challenges

  • Alternate energy design

  • Pre-packed low cost third world kit buildings

  • Defence

  • Interior design and landscaping

  • Cost budgets & quantity surveying

  • Business case feasibility studies and building design reports

  • Insurance assessment and replacement projects