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Greenhouse Gas Emission accounting and reporting

The National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 (NGER Act) came into effect on 29 September 2007. The Act introduces a single national reporting framework for the reporting and dissemination of information about greenhouse gas emissions, greenhouse gas projects and energy use.

The objectives of the NGER Act are to:

  • Underpin the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme
  • Inform the Australian public of Government policy
  • Help meet Australia’s international reporting obligations
  • Assist Commonwealth, State and Territory Government programs and activities
  • Avoid the duplication of similar reporting requirements in the states and territories

The first annual reporting period began on 1 July 2008.

Corporations that meet a NGER threshold must report their:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Energy production
  • Energy consumption
  • Other information specified under NGER legislation

From August 2009, it became a requirement to register with the Department of Climate Change for reporting if:

  • As an Australian corporation you generate in excess of 87.5kt of CO2e per annum, or consume (or produce) 350Tj of energy per annum
  • As a facility you generate 25kt of CO2e, or consume (or produce) 10Tj of energy

The threshold for corporations will be reduced in 2010, so that the NGER Act will include reports from organisations generating 50kt of CO2e, or consuming (or producing) 200Tj of energy per annum.

The threshold for facilities is not expected to change.

Reporting on what?

A good place to begin the identification of your business’s emissions source is to review your invoices. Identifying emissions sources within your business is a service EnvironArc Design can provide.

EnvironArc assists corporations collect data and report threshold status through the OSCAR national database.

Processes specific to data collection and training

EnvironArc Design provides specialist consultant support to prepare emissions data, and the collection, management and reporting framework to a level that is consistent with NGER Framework/guidelines.

Workshops for Management and Staff

Introductory NGER workshop for key staff

Greenhouse inventory workshop

Actions to minimise energy at the workplace (generally following energy audits)

Carbon education and training

An introduction to ISO 14001.

Workshops for the Community

Minimising greenhouse gas emissions for homes and saving money.

Minimising greenhouse gas emissions for business and saving money.