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Training Workshops

Disability Access Training

Access Training

With our qualified trainers, we can provide disability access training, i.e.:

  • Practical staff involvement and work based learning
  • Management presentations
  • Staff training in disability awareness
  • Statutory obligations
  • The need for accessible places is reinforced by the attendees’ role-playing a part in each of the Workshop.
  • A role playing part might include having a visual, hearing or speech impediment, being a wheelchair user or being a carer.
  • Both men and women were equally allocated disabled or carer roles.

Issues covered included:

  • Being aware of people with a disability in the community,
  • the expectations of people with disabilities,
  • common ways in which people with disabilities are viewed and treated,
  • interacting with people with disabilities,
  • providing assistance,
  • the relevant laws
  • and making a difference.

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