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Microbiological Laboratory

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Laboratory has specific containment requirements in addition to those specified in AS/NZS 2982 and AS/NZS 2243.3 Part 3. Design features also exceed WHS and NCC requirements.



Eco Public Toilet

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Highly used toilet block on the Coorong Road Meningie, in a reserve adjacent Lake Albert. Includes extensive ESD features, recycled building materials, unique eco anti-graffiti paint, to easily hose off vandalism; sensors to control flushing and minimise water usage.

environarc-meningie-toilet-block-1-5 environarc-meningie-toilet-block-1-4 environarc-meningie-toilet-block-1-3 environarc-meningie-toilet-block-1-2


Coober Pedy Airport Terminal

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Carbon neutral building; includes Ritek roofing system for maximum defence against desert heat. Also includes a sophisticated BMS system.

environarc-coober-pedy-2 environarc-coober-pedy-5 environarc-coober-pedy-4 environarc-coober-pedy-3


Works Depot

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Depot in the centre of a residential area designed to acoustically minimise sound transference from the depot’s activities.

environarc-campbelltown-depot-2 environarc-campbelltown-depot-1


Whyalla Library

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Unique design between a heritage complex and a retail shopping area, where the library building elevations complement each adjoining property use. ESD and new BMS with solar panels also used for shade.