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Universal access design for retirement living. Also includes roof garden with rainwater catchment and reuse system, which is for used vegetable growing and social occasions.


Town Houses

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Designed for best use of available land area, with generous internal open living areas; high star rating for minimum outgoings and maximum return. Community living in the city whilst ensuring tenant/owner privacy


Holiday Home

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Cost effective home positioned to maximise natural light, views, sea breezes, and shade. Plans and our support provided to owner builder on the Yorke Peninsular.


Classic Federation home in Strathablyn

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New home designed to address heritage requirements of the local zone and client external style wish. Built on waffle-pod rainwater tank foundation. 8.7 star rating and 5kW solar power system for minimal power costs.


Straw bale home in Adelaide Hills

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Constructed by owner builders with a focus on natural materials. 8.5 star rating minimising power costs. Use of own rainwater supply and 10 kW solar system.


Edwardian style home on acreage near Tanuda

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“Off the grid” solar power system, own water supply. Home design 8.7 Star. Solar powered air-conditioning. Designed for low maintenance costs.


Unique retirement home on the Fleurieu

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Design includes cathedral ceilings, lots of light, excellent natural air flow, solar heated hot water and low power costs.